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Sculptural Facial Lifting Massage

Natural Anti-aging and Face Lifting Massages

We believe that natural and holistic methods of anti-aging are far more powerful than invasive treatments and allow you to age gracefully for the long term. Are you ready to restore elasticity, prevent wrinkles and stimulate collagen recovering? Try one of our NEW facial massages in our NYC location!

Our facial massage services:

About Our Facial Massage Services

Gua Sha Facial Massage

The Gua Sha facial massage originates from traditional Chinese medicine and the Gua Sha techniques have a long history. The aim is to “activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis” based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.

The word “Gua” means to scrape, while the word “Sha” has several meanings- “scrape the wind”, “scrape sand”, “scrape bad energy”, “scrape away illness”

One of our certified masseuses uses a special stone, which contours the face, to massage the face to create the appearance of a lift, tone and brightness.

This helps improve your complexion and to give you a natural glow. It also activates the tissues, the lymph, to move the blood and manipulate subdermal fascia, creating a “natural botox” effect.

Additional Benefits:

  • Rejuvenate skin while reducing under-eye circles and puffiness.

  • Relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage

  • Active a natural glow and facial lift

Price: $160 (60 Mins)

Facial Massage NYC - Natural Face Lifting

Sculptural Face Lifting Massage

The procedure of Sculptural Face Lifting has shifted the traditional approach to beauty in the industry. If you would like to slow down the aging process naturally and without invasive treatments, plastic surgery, fillers or other potentially harmful treatments, then try this amazing facial massage.

This is a unique method of natural rejuvenation that works by mimicking face muscles resulting in the look of a natural face lift.

The work is carried out through the skin, as well as from the mucous membranes: intraorally which allows you to deeply work out the tissues and get a pronounced effect after the first procedure.

Sculptural Face Lifting activates your body for natural rejuvenation and recovery. It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, increases the microcirculation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, normalizes cellular respiration, activates metabolism and tissue nourishment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Restores the natural posture of the face

  • Improves microcirculation

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Normalize cellular respiration

  • Improves the appearance of skin

Price: $150 (60 Mins) / $180 with Master Esthetician

Myofascial Lifting Facial Massage NYC - Manhattan

Myofascial Lifting Facial Massage

Face Lift Massage is a massage specifically for the face, head and neck. This unique 80 minute massage includes a combination of stretching and deep tissue techniques on the face, head and shoulders. It’s a gentle massage that’s great for those looking for a way to rejuvenate their skin and face.

You will feel fresher and looking younger even after one treatment!

Additional Benefits:

  • Help reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Refreshing blood and lymphatic system

  • Exfoliating the skin naturally

  • A natural lifting effect

Price: $180 (80 Mins) / $220 with Master Esthetician

Kinezo Fascial Body Lifting Massage NYC

Kinezio Fascial Body Lifting Massage

This massage has the influence to correct our face shape and the shape of the hips, abdomen, and buttocks, it will restore muscle tone and re-educate the muscles, and smooth the skin.

Structural and plastic modeling of the face and body includes modern osteopathic, soft manual, muscle-energy, myofascial and other techniques that are adapted to work with the aesthetics of the face and body.

Additional Benefits:

  • Improve your lymph and blood circulation

  • Reduce fat and bloating

  • Sculpt the body

  • Accelerate cellular metabolism

  • Restore your skin to a healthy color


Your skin is smooth and tightened and looks younger, healthier, and fuller. Your face will look more youthful post-treatment!

Price: $200 (80 Mins) / $250 with Master Esthetician


Facial Massage FAQ’s

Facial massages can be done at any age!

The earlier you start, the longer you will have young skin. 👌

Doing facial massages:

  • For ages up to 25 years old are great because they feel nice, and keep the skin rejuvenated.
  • From 25 to 35 years old because you know that with regular massage, your face will always look fresh, young, toned and beautiful.
  • After 35 years old, we recommend that you include a facial massage to your monthly list of procedures to take care of your skin and stay young longer.

Facial Massage services should be done in the course of 10 sessions with 2-3 times per week, every six months. ☝️

Massage allows you to keep the skin unchanged for a long time without any invasive treatments.

Some women, for many reasons, already have age-related wrinkles at the age of 25 and they can be smoothed with the help of facial massages.

As with all procedures, facial massage has its downsides if done in certain circumstances.

To make it beneficial, not harmful, we advise you to familiarize yourself with them:

  • Temperature
  • Cold
  • Herpes in acute form;
  • Allergies;
  • Wounds on the face;
  • Oncological diseases
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland

It is highly recommended that you refrain from facial massages if you have any of the above.

Have more questions? Contact us!

Based on the experience and new knowledge received, we are categorical in this matter. Facial massage and injections are NOT compatible.

That is, until the drug is removed, face massage cannot be done!

Yes, many do it without any problems, and everything is fine. But this is our area of   responsibility.

In short, why: 👇🏻

  • During facial massage, blood circulation is increased, which contributes to the rapid elimination of the drug.
  • Fillers can interfere with the outflow of intercellular fluid, resulting in edema after the procedure.
  • Well, Botox – if the drug migrates from its intended place, then the consequences can be dire. The face can be skewed, etc.

Of course a skewed face is likely rare, but we want you to know all the risks involved in fillers and facials.

Since our goal is to benefit and help you get a more youthful, beautiful glow, we have no right to take risks😉

Now, the Internet is swarming with various rejuvenation techniques: fitness, yoga, facial fitness and much more.

It’s hard not to get confused.

Facial massage aims to relax the muscles. Fitness tones them.

The main aesthetic problems on the face are associated with muscle tension, so they need to be relaxed and balanced. Fitness can lead to hypertonicity.

Facial massage works deep under the skin, not just with the muscles

but with a fluid medium, with vessels, and subcutaneous fat.

While fitness exercises for the face affect mainly the muscles.

Facial massage helps to restore lymphatic drainage, improve the psycho-emotional state, soothes the nervous system, which can not be said about face fitness.

In fact, there is much more to say, but it will look like propaganda. 😂

Everyone has their choice for the most suitable method of rejuvenation.

We just wanted to clarify that a lot of these methods are not the same thing and have different outcomes.

A Sculptural facial massage works with the soft tissue (the epidermis) and deep layers of muscles, fascia.

During the massage, the clamps, spasms, blocks and nervous tension is removed. The face becomes mobile, alive and full and you will see very visible changes after the first procedure.

When facial muscles contract, they displace surface skin (and fat pads) on our face.

These highly organized displacements cause furrows, wrinkles, ridges and bulges, which we call FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! This is such an amazing function that allows us to express our emotions!⁣

🌙 Unfortunately, repetitive facial expressions lead to tension in certain muscle groups.

These contracted muscles are no longer able to return to their original form, neither is the surface skin on top, and here’s how folds and wrinkles are born.

These areas of tension are also where we store our emotions by the way!⁣

✨During a deep Sculptural facial massage we work with muscles that lay beyond the skin to bring them back into their healthy tone.

Wrinkles soften, the whole face softens and often looks different after the treatment, more youthful and relaxed.

A huge circulation boost lights up the cheeks with a healthy glow and leaves the skin plump and well nourished from the inside. ⁣

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